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Friday, October 8, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates!! Lots of people have been telling me they like the playlist, so soon I will update it and maybe do another one? I just did a shoot for BleachOnline ( with jacqueline fernandez ( and Bekah Dubose from laced with romance ( who also just opened up an awesssomme new store on south first, photographer Ericka Kinke Herod and Dawn Younger-Smith of Boudoir Queen ( Our models Cecilia and Grace were so gorgeous and the clothes were amazing. Dawn's studio is sooo awesome, if you get a chance, check out her video link that gives a little video tour. I love doing these shoots because I get to work with really amazing talented women in Austin and it always just comes together so great, it feels good to work creatively with other people and to get out of the salon every once in awhile. So here are the photos! If you also visit you can see some behind the scenes shots that Jacqueline posted and the products we used. Jacqueline is really amazing, her website is so awesome and she is so talented. Every time I get a call to work with her on something I get super excited because it's always really fun and I know there will be some really great photos from the shoots. It was fun with this shoot because Grace's hair is actually long and I got to sew in an updo so it looks like she has a little short twenties bob. I set her hair with Kevin Murphy rollers and then brushed out the curl and used Easy Rider to make the curls really soft and bouncy. Then I tucked her hair under and used a plastic needle and some linen thread to sew her hair up. I learned this trick when I took some Kevin Murphy classes a while back, I got to train with Kevin himself and I will never forget all of the amazing tricks I learned! His products make everything so simple, it has been really great for my clients in the salon because they can get a runway look all on their own. With Cecilia's hair I set it in the Kevin Murphy rollers as well and then combed it out afterwards with a wide tooth comb, did some back brushing with a boar bristle brush and softened out the wave. Between shots I had her flip her hair over and sprinkled on some of the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff and scrunched in Motion Lotion on her ends and shook her hair out at the roots so she could get lots of volume.

We just got the Kevin Murphy rollers at the salon and I have been obsessed with them for awhile now, so finally you all can buy a set for yourselves! My favorite thing to do is to get ready and do my makeup while my rollers are in my hair. Maybe these pictures and this video will inspire you! I love Anna Karina and my favorite is her hair in A Woman is a Woman and I do believe that she would have used these rollers had they been around then! My favorite combination is to dry a lot of antigravity into the hair so it holds the curl well and gives you lots of volume, then to do old roller sets with lots of volume on top with the big curling iron and once you have curled each section, transfer it to a roller. Be sure once your hair is all rolled to let them cool so the curl stays. While you are cooling you can dance around in your bathroom, spray your favorite perfume, listen to music, curl your eyelashes and sip champagne.

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