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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spring Is Here!

To Celebrate, Haircuts are $10 off and Cut and Color is $15 off for the month of April.

My Clients are always telling me they wish they had a picture to describe what they want, luckily we are always on the same page so I figured I would share some of my favorite looks and some easy ways to achieve them... enjoy!

I love this hair color, it's easy to maintain because you aren't married to getting highlights every 6 or 8 weeks and it has a modern worn in feel. It's really great low maintenance color and a good alternative to going overall darker in case you change your mind down the road and want to be an all over blonde again. The style is easy to achieve as well, If your hair has natural wave, don't fight it... just use a bit of a curl enhancing cream scrunched in your ends and diffuse gently or let it air dry. The humidity will work for you in the summertime if you are air drying and working with your natural texture, it is just about finding the right product. I love Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion for enhancing curl or Kevin Murphy Hair Resort for a more beachy texture. I sometimes keep these products in my purse and if my hair has fallen I flip my head over and scrunch some more product in and the curl is revived. Below are some other looks that can be achieved the same way

I looove this hair style because it reminds me of an updated 1940's style. Rough Dry a smoothing lotion into your hair like Kevin Murphy BodyGuard.

Some more photos of this style...

After your hair is bone dry, seperate hair into three sections. One section from behind the ear on the left and one section behind the ear on the right. the back will be one whole section. With a medium sized curling iron start from the top and curl a section that sits right against your cheekbones on either side and then transfer to a Kevin Murphy Roller when the hair on the outside of the curling iron is hot.

Do this around your entire head making sure the curls on the top sections start in the same place, so you get a uniform look. After the rollers have cooled, remove them and run a wide tooth comb through it and then rub some Kevin Murphy Easy Rider through your hands and run through hair. It's amazing how after you brush and brush through your curls the Easy Rider will smooth frizz and bring the curl right back!

One of my favorite Red Hair Colors for Spring is this warm, natural looking coppery red! I love it! Her hairstyle can also be achieved with the Kevin Murphy Rollers or large barrel curling iron

I hope you all have found some inspiration from these photos and that these tips are helpful and make styling easier for you. I really do believe it's about finding the right products that work with your natural texture, then you can experiment and find easy ways that work for you.

See you soon!

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