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Saturday, April 17, 2010



I can not get over the fact that Lara Stone looks exactly like Brigitte Bardot. Looking at all these pictures I feel like Lara Stone picked up where Brigitte Bardot left off and modernized all of her looks. Today was PROM DAY at the salon, I made sure to blow dry gallons of Kevin Murphy's anti gravity into the hair to make sure the style lasted and stayed big throughout the night and hopefully will last well into the rest of the week. My favorite look is the day after you have spent all this time styling your hair and getting dressed up and doing your makeup then coming home, passing out, waking up and putting on jeans and a tshirt and wearing your slept in hairstyle that somehow looks better the next day. You can make it last throughout the week by using dry shampoo like Kevin Murphy's Fresh Hair. It removes any excess oils and smells amaaazing, and when you can't get by on that anymore, come in for another! Mention this and get $5 off of your blowout!

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