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Thursday, July 28, 2011

young again

So I wasn't blessed with the smoothest hair, it has always been really coarse and brittle. I like to blame it on my dad, he is Iranian and his side of the family has super thick black hair which I inherited. I have always envied both my sisters smooth, sleek hair. I'm constantly battling the frizz with mine and I do believe it's part of the reason I became a hairdresser in the first place... all those years of messing with my own sometimes impossible hair. Don't get me wrong, I do love my crazy natural hair, but sometimes I want it to be sleek and straight. I was just discussing this issue with a friend of mine today and she asked me what to do about the frizz and I told her "that's what hair product is for, lots of it!" You can imagine how excited I was when Kevin Murphy came out with YOUNG.AGAIN, Immortelle infused treatment oil. It protects against heat, conditions, adds shine and improves hair strength. I use mine before I blow dry and style and I even use it throughout the day when my hair starts feeling dull and dry or frizzy. I also admit I love to shampoo my hair... everyday. I keep it hydrated with Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash (for all the everyday shampoo-ers) and a combination of Hydrate Me Rinse mixed with Born Again Treatment. My hair ritual is now complete with Young.Again, the perfect cocktail for shiny, soft, smooth hair :)

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  1. Sara! Thank you for my super cute haircut the other day. I feel so much lighter. I mentioned it on my blog . Feel free to check it out and by the way, your blog is super interesting!