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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So when I come home from work my feet are usually pretty tired and I like to hang around listen to music, do nothing, browse the internet and read people's blogs. I constantly find myself coming up with new ideas or new projects I can try and often get ahead of myself wanting to start some new project and run with it. Recently Ben and I learned how to screen print, made t shirts with our drawings and sold them. We spent a few weeks getting them ready and have been selling them at the Grand, I have been wanting to do this for a long time and I feel so accomplished having done it, I also am coming up with some more ideas for new t shirts that are in the works. I have also been reading up on succulents and made a fairly successful arrangement of my own, which is my new current obsession. I want to find pictures of other people's arrangements and go to nurseries and learn about all the different plants and different ways to take care of them. The point of all of this is I come up with an idea and I just want to know everything about it. When I have days off my boyfriend and I recently discovered that we are shop-aholics. Lately I find myself not spending a lot of money, but mostly just browsing because there are so many things that catch my eye that inspire me. Ben probably wants to roll his eyes everytime we drive past Room Service, because no matter what I always say "stop! let's go to room service, plllleaaasssee!!" I want to look at every single thing inside that store and I want to take everything with me when I leave. Today I have just been thinking about all the great things in Austin there are to do to take up a girl's time, especially when you are like me and hate to sit still and want to see EVERYTHING. So here are a few of my favorite things... :)


I love these ladies, they rework vintage dresses and they are all sooo adorable. I miss working at PINK with Emily when she sold her dresses at the shop, there was nothing better than to come into work when she was hanging all of her new dresses, I think the girls at the salon would buy her out before the customers could. They are now being sold at Pangea 2210 S. 1st St.

These are the owners, Emily and Megan both in VV LUTZ dresses.



Stephanie is such a sweetheart and all of the shoots she does are so awesome,visit her website and go to her ebay store, you will pretty much want to buy everything, you will also want to play dress up after looking at her editorials.

This is Stephanie I had to use one of her wedding photos because who doesn't think this is the most amazing wedding dress and style ever?

Some editorial photos...


I feel so lucky to have met Jacqueline Fernandez, she is a makeup artist here in Austin who also does and about a million other things, it is such a treat to run into her and she is always working on a new project, check out her website for tips, how-to's, and lots and lots of inspiration.


1700 1/2 S.congress (entrance on Milton St.) or

I almost have to stay away from this store because everytime I go in, I am bound to find something I absolutely need to have. They just opened up a men's store with the most awesome t shirts ever! Ben found an Iron Maiden shirt he had been searching for since he was twelve!! I found a Bart Simpson tee that is super thin that I pretty much want to live in. We left the store and put on our tees in the car! They also do set design and party styling.

The Proto Ladies at the predators premiere party that they styled

ProtoMan! Go buy your boyfriend a new tee and then steal it from him :)


More of the proto ladies at their annual vintage fashion show, the fashion freakout




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